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Immediate Hire 19-20

English Teacher - Minimum requirements are a BA and 24 credits in English.Spanish Teachers -  Minimum requirements are a BA and 24 credits in Spanish; native speakers can be considered as well.Please ...

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Mello

In this interview, we get to meet Mrs. Mello-Hemsley, a music teacher at Neumann-Goretti. Mrs. Mello is not only a music teacher but she also has a personal music career. How long have you been interested ...

Senior Spotlight: Gabriel Rappa & Joe Messina

It’s Class of 2019 Friday! Each Friday we will behighlighting members of our 2019 class and the decisions they have made forpost graduation! Gabriel Rappa and Joe Messina are both headingto La Salle University.Gabriel’s ...

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Compassion ~ Courage ~ Commitment

Inclement Weather Policy

Neumann-Goretti falls under the umbrella of “All Philadelphia Parochial Schools”. Any schedule changes will be announced by your local news or their related websites such as .
When possible we will send notification to you through our Powerschool School Messenger system (voice calls and emails to parents, Faculty & Staff) and post on social media outlets but please do NOT depend on school notifications as your primary resource. In most cases the news will announce before the school.