The Arts

VisualArtsFine Arts is an important and contributing factor in the total objectives of the Neumann Goretti High School curriculum. Enrollment in Fine Arts courses advances the academic and aesthetic development of the student. The formal study of music, art and dance gives the student the opportunity to enjoy a richer spiritual life, emphasizes the value of human living, and helps develop an understanding of a common bond shared by all peoples. Through experiential instruction, students learn self-discipline and aesthetic sensitivity. Performing and visual arts courses enable the student to discover and develop creative potential, and contribute to a deeper love of our Creator, who is the source of all the arts.

Courses Offered

  • Arts Appreciation Grade 9
  • Studio Art I Art Program
  • Studio Art II Art Program
  • Studio Art III Art Program
  • Studio Art IV Art Program
  • AP Studio Art Art Program
  • Band/Orchestra Music Program
  • Instrumental Music I Music Program
  • Instrumental Music II Music Program
  • Instrumental Music III Music Program
  • Instrumental Music IV Music Program
  • Strings I Music Program
  • Strings II Music Program
  • Strings III Music Program
  • Strings IV Music Program