The Neumann Goretti Alumni Association supports the mission of the school in providing an outstanding college preparatory education in a faith-based environment. The Association represents alumni of Southeast Catholic High School, St. Maria Goretti High School, Bishop Neumann High School, St. John Neumann High School, and Neumann Goretti High School. Our alumni group is vibrant and active with more than 30,000 graduates.

Every gift to Neumann Goretti High School is an investment in a young person’s education and future. We look to our alumni for support, as they are beneficiaries of a Neumann Goretti Catholic education—they lived the experience and know better than anyone how Neumann Goretti helped prepare them for college and for life.

We look to alumni parents who invested in a Neumann Goretti Catholic education for their children and have seen first-hand the dividends of that investment.

We look to current parents who are currently experiencing Neumann Goretti, and can see the transformation happening right before their eyes.

Why give? Because you are investing in the hopes and dreams of wonderful young Saints who rely on your financial support for tuition assistance, state-of-the-art learning environments, the highest quality teachers, and the necessary tools and support we provide to help them get into the best colleges and universities in the country.

Why give? Because you can make an incredible difference in the lives of our students.

Why give? Because we cannot do this without you. In order to keep tuition affordable to all families, we must reach out to our community and seek your support and charitable gifts. You make a difference, and we are grateful and blessed for your support.

Finally, the long and important history and tradition of Catholic education in this country has made a tremendous difference for millions of young students. The Catholic School Advantage is real, and the most successful Catholic schools are ones that are lucky fortunate to have the strong financial support of their entire community. Please continue to read this section about the different ways to give, how your gift helps students, and how you can donate safely and securely online.

Thank you, and Go Saints!