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School Bus Driver

John Neumann/Maria Goretti High School
1736 South Tenth Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148

Bus drivers have one of the most people oriented occupations and one that requires constant focus as well as people skills. A school bus driver is responsible for transporting students to and from school and school related extracurricular activities.

Job Responsibilities:

  • The school bus driver is responsible for transporting students 19 hours a week for pick-up and drop-off in Chester, Pa. for school on a daily basis.
  • The school bus driver requires a commercial driver’s license, excellent vision, quick response time, and the ability to handle any disputes or emergencies that occur on the bus.
  • The safety of the students being transported is the biggest responsibility a bus driver has. He/she must be always alert and focus on the driving task, as well as know any possible driving conditions ahead, and weather conditions. He/she must be informed of the traffic, and any variations in the schedule due to unexpected events.
  • The school bus driver must show courtesy and a polite demeanor to the students, as well as assist in reporting any emergencies.
  • The school bus driver will report directly to the President of the school.

Training and Education and Skills Requirements:

  • A bus driver must possess a valid Commercial Driver’s License, commonly known as CDL. This is obtained by taking a test, which is mandated by state and federal regulations.
  • A high school Diploma is preferred.
  • A clean driver’s record and experience is necessary.
  • Excellent people skills are a must, as the school bus driver will encounter many different personalities in their job.
  • Good communication skills are necessary. These skills also include the ability to deal and manage large groups, and communicate clear instructions.
  • You must be 18 years to drive a bus within state borders and at least 21 years of age if you are going to be engaged in interstate commerce.

Candidates interested in the position of bus driver should submit their cover letter, resume and copy of driver’s license, along with salary requirements to:

Mr. Joseph McColgan, President SS. John Neumann/Maria Goretti High School

The deadline for application is November 30, 2017
Interviews will be granted to the most qualified applicants.

PA required clearances and Safe Environment Certification and official transcripts will be required before employment can begin. The Office of Catholic Education may waive qualifications relating to experience and education if such a waiver is warranted by other considerations.