Message from the President

 “Educating the mind without educating the heart
is no education at all.”


McColgan.HeadShot.NeumannGoretti (2)

All schools teach reading, writing and arithmetic. Teaching these traditional subjects falls into the category of educating the mind, but what did Aristotle mean by “educating the heart”? We can only assume he was talking about educating moral values; what is morally right or morally wrong.  A person can be highly educated in many subjects but still come up short in integrity and character.  Education of the heart is education in the moral dimension, an education producing integrity, virtue, and character. This is what a Catholic education at Saints John Neumann & Maria Goretti Catholic High School is about; the difference between values based education – what one comes to understand is right through “reason”; and virtues based education – what one comes to understand as “morally” right.  Love of neighbor is expressed through the practice of morality and virtue. Love of God and love of thy neighbor – virtue – are closely united; values aren’t necessarily moral, but virtues are always about morality.

As the new president of Saints Neumann Goretti High School, I have been entrusted with your school to deliver nothing less than the finest Catholic education in the City of Philadelphia, and that is my primary goal.

To our incoming Class of 2021, I say welcome! You are about to venture into some of the greatest times of your life; make every moment count, and enjoy the ride!

To our returning students, welcome back! You are the backbone of this learning institution and I challenge you to go one step beyond your best –to believe, and act, like it is impossible to fail.

To our educators and staff, I thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to partnering with you to accomplish incredible things in the coming years.

To the parents and guardians of our students, you are stakeholders in this journey – regardless if your son or daughter is an incoming freshman or graduating senior – and I ask that you remain 100% committed to your child’s education and do whatever you can to make their journey rewarding.

Finally, to our past president, Bruce Robinson, on behalf of the Neumann-Goretti community, thank you for stepping up during trying times.  Your leadership has put us on the track towards greatness. The Neumann-Goretti community owes you a debt of gratitude.

In closing I remind all of you to be yourself, but be your best self.

Keep smiling!

Joseph McColgan
President, Neumann Goretti