Summer Assignments

June 18, 2019

Dear SNG Students,

Happy Summer 2019! Our goal is to help you to actively engage in learning through reading, writing, and service this summer. Your teachers created Summer Assignments that will help you to reach that goal.

All of your summer assignments are attached below. The directions and due dates are listed on each assignment. Complete the assignments for the grade/class that you are entering in September. 

All 9th-12th grade students will be completing at least 2 assignments – one for English and Theology AND one for Math. If you requested an AP class, you will do one for those classes as well. The assignments are categorized by grade and subject. If you chose…

  •  AP English Literature in 12th grade or AP English Language in 11th grade, then you should complete the AP English assignment AND the English/Theology Assignment for your grade.
  • no math for senior year, then you do not have to complete a math assignment.
  • double math (Honors Geometry and Honors Algebra 2) then you should complete the Khan Academy Math assignment for both classes.
  • Freshman should sign up for Algebra 1 on Khan Academy.

We strongly recommend that you manage your time wisely and set goals to accomplish your work. One way to do that is to spend about 45 minutes a day on each assignment. Waiting until the last week before school starts will not give you enough time to finish.

Feel free to contact me at with questions.

Wishing you a productive, peaceful, and safe summer!

Thank you,

Mrs. Torres

Assistant Principal

Grade 9-12 Math

Grade 9-12 Theology and English

Grade 12 AP English Literature

Grade 11 AP English Language

AP United States History

AP Bio