Internship Program

The internship program at Neumann Goretti strengthens the foundation of the school’s college preparatory program. Students work part-time for professional corporations or organizations in the Philadelphia area, gaining valuable work and life experiences.

Our students are performing actual work for these companies for a real wage, while the program looks to place students in employment opportunities that match their interest. These work and life experiences enhance the student’s education and personal growth, and assist in preparing them for success in college and in life.

The funds earned from these jobs will be applied toward tuition and support each student’s ability to receive a high-quality college preparatory education.

Alisha Hernandez came to work for us as a shy, unsure, and uncomfortable high school student. She blossomed into a confident, respected, productive employee who gained confidence as she successfully completed job tasks. Alisha was a pleasure to have working with us and she is a great ambassador for the internship program at this school.”

Michael Czerpak; Director of Operations; Dilworth Paxson