Transfer Process

Getting the Best High School Experience

Students often decide that their current high school does not provide the academic rigor and support, extracurricular activities or caring environment that enhance the high school experience. Students learn better in an environment where teachers and students respect and care about each other.

If a student is interested in transferring to Neumann Goretti, they must call the school office and arrange an interview with our Admissions Director. Students should bring their academic and health records to this interview. The interview cannot be scheduled until an up-to-date transcript is provided, discipline/attendance is provided, and tuition owed at any prior school amounts to zero.

If interested, the following process should be followed:

A). Obtain student’s transcripts, attendance, and discipline records from current school. Submit to Neumann Goretti by fax at 215-462-2410

B). Submit all of the above to the Admissions Office

C). The records will be reviewed and you will be notified if an interview can be arranged

D). Within 48 hours the parent will receive a call to attempt to set up a date for the interview. At the interview you will be notified if we can accept the student, tuition information, and rostering.

NOTE: We advise you do not dis-enroll or pull your student out of school until you have verbal or written confirmation from us that they can register and begin classes.