The Kairos retreat, endorsed by the school administration and by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, is a  retreat, open primarily to seniors but also to select juniors who have the desire and ability to be leaders for their classmates during their senior year. Retreatants do not need to be practicing Catholics, although having that foundation gives the retreat more to build upon. It is a school activity, and participation in the retreat does not affect a student’s attendance record.  Kairos is a powerful experience of the love of God at work in our lives.  During the retreat, strong bonds are formed with other students, with members of the leadership team, and with God Himself.  While participation in Kairos is not mandatory, it is certainly encouraged.  Information about the Kairos retreat will be made available to all seniors and juniors during the school year.  Those interested in attending the Kairos Retreat, as well as those with questions about the retreat, are encouraged to speak to the Chaplain.