Culinary Club


Mrs. Pollio

Student Rep:


Meeting Time and Place

Kitchen Classroom (across from gym), once a month after school

Culinary Club

NG Culinary Club seeks to stimulate, foster and promote students interest in the culinary arts. Students learn different cooking techniques and apply them through recipe and menu prep. Students explore the professional food service industry with demonstrations from local chefs and visits to local restaurants.

On Thursday, November 16, the International Culinary Club learned knife skills from two very special guests. The guest chefs were Father Kirk and his brother, Chef Tom (Kirk). Father Kirk is a self-taught chef, but become quite accomplished and regularly throws dinner parties for friends, family, parish and diocesan events in Wilmington, DE. Chef Tom is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University and has worked at restaurants up and down the east coast. He considers himself to be a master of soups. Thank you for visiting our students and teaching them culinary skills.