Dance Club

Student Rep:

Brie-Anna Jefferson

Meeting Time and Place

Dance studio (above auditorium next to art room), Tuesday and Thursday

Dance Club

The goal of the Dance Club is to enrich the students’ experience of dance from different styles and the cultures that accompany them. Interested students have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of dance and performing before hitting the stage to show off their hard work to their classmates and the community. The students have performed in both the winter and spring concerts for the past two years.

The Art Club has 30 active members. Art Club started out the year with a successful Halloween Bake Sale – proceeds benefiting Art Club projects. Projects planned for this year include making decorations for the NG Senior Masquerade, (as well as other artistic embellishments for the school) and creating murals for the corridor outside the Art Room.  Art Club Members also create posters for special events, and assist teachers in designing bulletin boards as needed.