Junior Prom

A formal date dance is held in April of Junior year in the school gymnasium. Please contact the Student Affairs Office at 215-465-8437, extension 258 or dpratt@neumanngorettihs.org for more information.





Last day to purchase:

Dress Code: See below for specific guidelines that clarify the dance contract


The Junior Prom is  a semi-formal event.   The dress code for gentlemen will be dress shirt, dress shoes, dress pants, and suit or sportcoat.  Jeans, jerseys, T-shirts, sneakers/other types of casual shoes and sports caps are not permitted.  Clothing and appearance should be in good taste, modest, and indicative of a student who attends a Catholic school.


(This policy applies to the Ring Dance, Freshman/Sophomore Dance and Junior and Senior Proms.)

  1.      Dresses may not be cut below the bust-line in the front; this includes cut-outs below the bustline.  No excessive cleavage will be permitted. Plunging necklines are not permitted.
  2.      Dresses may not be cut below the natural waist in the back.
  3.      Dresses may not have the midriffs exposed including both the front and sides (this applies to standing straight and when in motion therefore two-piece dresses are not acceptable).
  4.      Dresses may not be shorter than or have a slit that exceeds 3 inches above the knee.
  5.      Dresses may not utilize see-through fabrics, such as (but not limited to) tulle, netting, or “illusion,” below the bust-line.
  6.      No pinning will be allowed for as an alteration to a dress if without the pins the dress does not meet the dress code.  You will not be allowed to pin dresses to make them meet guidelines while waiting to enter theprom/formal dance.  Fabric inserts must be sewn-in as alterations to the dress.
  7.      No cover-ups (shawls/wraps, sweaters, coats) will be allowed over dresses that do not meet the dress code.
  8.      Undergarments may not bevisible.
  9. In accordance with the school dress code, tattoos may not be visible. Any dress that exposes a tattoo is not acceptable.

Buying your attire is an expensive purchase. Please keep the dress code for the prom/dance in mind as you shop for your attire. Mrs. Sible and Mr. Quigley are available for questions. Attire worn by someone else to another dance is not automatically “appropriate” for our dances, per the above guidelines.  The attire must be appropriate for the wearer. Students will be held accountable if they are in violation of the dress code.   Students and guests dressed inappropriately will not be permitted to have a formal portrait picture taken at the event.

Admittance to the dance is based on appropriate attire as per the above outline in addition to a ticket.