Bones, SSJ, Sister Catherine



Sister Catherine Bones, SSJ |Student Services

Academic Officer, School Services Office

Personal Statement
My favorite thing about NG is the students. A reason I chose to work at NG is because when I know something, I like others to also know. Having taught from 1st grade teaching 6 year olds how to read to helping 12th graders search for answers, I have found there is no place like the classroom for me.

Professional Statement
Sr. Catherine is celebrating 51 years as a Sister of St. Joseph (1965-2016).

This year, I hope to have “perfect attendance.”

One thing most people may not know about me is that I am an animal lover, especially cats. I have worked with an animal shelter in Allentown finding forever homes for cats.

When not at NG, Sr. Catherine can be found visiting her sister at St. Joseph’s Villa.