Message from NG’s Board of Directors and Archdiocese of Philadelphia

March 22, 2017

Dear Members the Neumann Goretti community:

The Board of Directors of Neumann Goretti met this morning for our regularly scheduled meeting. The Board had a lengthy conversation with Bruce Robinson regarding his resignation.  The sentiment of the Board and the Office of Catholic Education is: “We were lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Bruce over the past two and a half years and offer our sincere thanks and gratitude. Bruce is the architect of an ongoing transformation of the school that places students and their development front and center.”

Bruce and his leadership team have had some amazing success in a relatively short time, among other things:

  • Enrollment has steadily increased with last year’s freshman class exceeding the prior year’s by 50%. Further, we had a net transfer of 22 students to Neumann Goretti from other high schools.
  • Our faculty is very engaged and is receiving approximately four times the number of hours and interactions for professional development than the average Archdiocesan High School teacher.
  • Neumann Goretti has been the beneficiary of more than $750 thousand over the past two and a half years from foundations to provide resources to help enhance the educational experience for our students, including curriculum and classroom delivery.
  • Bruce launched, and we are deeply engaged in a rebranding effort for the school and know that a brand is not just symbolic or theoretical, but rather it is just the way we do business. The re-branding efforts will be rolled out on September 28, 2017, and implementation will proceed throughout the school year.
  • Several changes have been made to the building. We have developed a computer learning lab and a student lounge for informal gatherings. The Class of 1952 funded and developed Café 52, in our cafeteria for students to relax and talk.

Bruce would be the first to tell you that much more remains to be done. To help realize the vision that Bruce helped to establish, he will continue on our Board of Directors and devote time to ensure that the long-term vision is realized, while turning over day-to-day operations to a new President.

The Board unanimously agreed to start a search process. Jim Eastwood, Class of 1963, has agreed to chair the Board’s Search Committee. Over the next week, Jim will be rounding out membership on the Committee and will be seeking input with regard to the experience, skills and characteristics we desire for our next President.

We have had lengthy discussions with the Office of Catholic Education regarding the transition and are encouraged by their continued support and investment in Neumann Goretti.

The Board remains committed to the development of Neumann Goretti to help it become one of the top high schools in the Philadelphia region. Our communities need informed, caring and interested people prepared to lead full and giving lives. Neumann Goretti stands ready to do its part and more, and will continue to advance the capacity, capabilities and outcomes of the school. We recognize that change is not easy and is frequently challenging and concerning. If you have questions, or have comments that you would like our Board to hear, please email them to

We will update you as the process unfolds and our rebranding efforts continue. We thank you for your ongoing commitment to Neumann Goretti and its success.

Patrick J. McCormick
Chair of the Board of Neumann Goretti High School
Board of Directors

Christopher Mominey
Chief Operating Officer and Secretary for Education
Archdiocese of Philadelphia