NG Weekly


Week of March 20-26


Room 105, Colin McGonigal, Director of School Ministry


Wednesday, April 12: Full school retreat for all students. More details will be provided. The theme will be solidarity as we work to fulfill our pledge to become a Global High School through Catholic Relief Services.

To prepare for our retreat

We will be hosting a donation drive for our service station: Please bring socks, toothbrushes, hand sanitizer, toiletries. The drive and retreat service station will benefit the Old St. Joseph’s Church Homeless Outreach Program.

All students will have the opportunity to participate in Operation Rice Bowl through their Theology courses. To learn more about Operation Rice Bowl, click here.


Worry less about your son/daughter carrying cash and help the lunch lines move quicker. Consider putting money on account. Click here for detailed instructions.


Rm 111, Megan Heffernan, Guidance Director, mheffernan@
, 215-465-8437, x.243

Seniors, please bring in all college and scholarship acceptances that you receive to Guidance, so we can recognize your achievement.


Any senior student who needs a mid-year report (first semester grades) sent to colleges they have applied to, please fill out a form in the guidance office. This is a different form than the transcript request form and does not have a fee. Contact Ms. Heffernan with any questions.


At the beginning for the quarter, Ms. Heffernan visited the Junior English classes to discuss the college application process, and what students should plan to do Junior year to prepare. Click here to view the guide: Click here to view the Junior year college planning guide.  The major take-aways were:

  • SAT: All juniors should take the SAT (or ACT), preferably starting in May of their junior year. The SAT is offered here at NG on May 6, and the registration deadline is April 7. The recommended timeline for when to take the SAT is May, June, and October.
  • Letters of recommendation: All juniors should request teacher letters of recommendation by the end of the 3rd quarter. Students should talk to the teachers in person; but most importantly, be sure to request a letter from the teacher on Naviance. Click here for instructions.
  • College research, visits, and requirements: Students should be researching colleges and majors that they are interested in applying to. A great resource is My Big Future. Students are also encouraged to visit the colleges they are interested in, and take tours of the campus. Students are reminded to be aware of requirements for admission – this includes the SAT score, high school classes taken, and grades that the colleges are looking for students to have. Be sure to have safety, target, and reach schools.


At the beginning of the quarter, Ms. Pizzuti visited Sophomore English classes for a college and career discussion. Students practiced using Naviance (the online tool for sending materials to colleges), and took a career survey to research different majors and career options. Students also familiarized themselves with College Board to review PSAT scores, and understand how to register for the SAT’s.


Our 2016-2017 annual appeal was mailed to alumni in early October. This year, gifts from the annual appeal will support scholarships and new building renovations. If you are interested in making a gift, contact Shaniqua Rudd, Director of Advancement, at 215-465-8437, ext. 235, or mail your check, made out to Ss. John Neumann & Maria Goretti Catholic High School, 1736 South 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148.


The Millay Club Wants You!
Share your time and talent as an Alumni Class Ambassador or volunteer at Neumann-Goretti. Complete Details and Sign-up Form

Message from the President’s Office

Tell your friends! NG “Meet & Greet” on Wednesday, March 29, 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Winter has come to the Philadelphia area. A friendly reminder of our Inclement Weather Policy: 

Neumann-Goretti falls under the umbrella of “All Philadelphia Parochial Schools”. Any schedule changes will be announced by your local news or news radio (KYW1060am) to their related websites, such as When possible we will send notification to you through our School Messenger system (voice calls and emails to parents, Faculty & Staff) and social media outlets, but please do not depend on school notifications as your primary resource. In most cases, the news will announce before the school.

Neumann Goretti Tutoring Options


Rm 213, Chalie Szydlik, Athletic Director,
Please see the school calendar and Daily Announcements or this week’s events.

Congratulations to both the Boys & Girls basketball teams for winning the State Quarterfinals. State Semifinal games will take place on Tuesday for both teams. Please check the brackets for updates on location and time.

Boys Bracket

Girls Bracket


Mrs. Cooper, Director of Operations, 215-465-8437, x.230
Ms. Pratt, Student Affairs Administrative Assistant, 215-465-8437, x.258



On sale until Tuesday, March 21, during lunch periods in the cafeteria. Shirts are $10.00.  

MotherSeniorLunch Sunday, April 2, 12:00-3:00 p.m., Swan Caterers  Waterfall Room, 2015 S. Water Street, Tickets: $100 per couple. Last day to purchase tickets: Friday, March 17.

JUNIOR PROM: Tickets are on sale in the Tuition Office. The cost is $100. The Prom will be held at the IATSE Ballroom, Friday, April 21, from 7:30 – 11:00 p.m. Contracts are needed for all students, Neumann Goretti and Outside dates. Outside dates need to have the contract signed by their parent and the school they attend, so make sure you give your date the contract as soon as possible. Contracts are available in the Student Affairs Office, room 104.

FRESHMAN & SOPHOMORE DANCE: Tickets on Sale in the Tuition Office. The cost is $60 per couple and $30 per single. The dance will be held on Saturday, March 25, in the gym from 7:30 – 10:30 p.m.  Contracts are needed for all students, Neumann Goretti and Outside dates. Outside dates need to have the contract signed by their parent and the school that they attend. Contracts are past due – please submit immediately.

SPRING CHANCE DRIVE:  On Tuesday, March 7, you will receive $50 worth of chances in homeroom. If you sell $50 worth of tickets, you will receive a free day off of your choice. Once you hand in the first set, you may request to sell a second set and get another free day off of your choice; you cannot exceed two free days. The tickets you sell will be entered into a drawing for a chance of winning $500. The drawing will take place on Wednesday, April 5.

This Week’s Schedule

Bell 4, B Day, Junior Class Meeting

Bell 4, C Day, Freshman/Sophomore Class Meeting

Mother/Senior Seating at lunches

CALCULATOR REQUIRED!! and #2 pencils

Grades 9-10-11 report to homeroom as normal before 7:50 a.m.

  • Freshman & Sophomore Terra Nova Testing
  • Juniors Practice SAT
  • Seniors NO CLASSES

Bell 1, D Day

Class of 2018 Ring Order in the Cafeteria – $50 deposit via check made out to Jostens. Bring in your order form.


Mrs. Torres, Assistant Principal 215-465-8437, x.22

Mrs. Ragno, Administrative Assistant, 215-465-8437, x.227

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Will be rescheduled. To address any immediate concerns before the end of the 3rd quarter, please reach out to individual teachers be email. (Find email addresses by clicking here or by calling the school’s main office and leaving a message with the office staff at 215-465-8437 for the teacher to return your call. Please allow 48 hours for teacher’s to return messages.)


Wednesday, 3/22: Grades 9-10-11 report to school as normal before 7:50 a.m. to homeroom.

  • Grades 9 & 10 will take the Terra Nova Test
  • Grade 11 will take a practice SAT
  • Grade 12 does NOT report to school
  • Dismissal is approximately 11am


Please also be sure students have #2 pencils, get a good night’s sleep, and eat a healthy breakfast.

3rd Quarter Countdown
There are 3 weeks left until the 3rd quarter ends on March 31. Please be sure to periodically check Gradeconnect to see your student’s progress. Is your student missing assignments? Has he/she followed up with the teacher? Please help us to help your student to be responsible and accountable for their own academic progress- skills that will prepare them for college and career!

Attention Parents of Advanced Placement (AP) Students
All students who are currently enrolled in an AP class, both online and in-person, are required to take the AP exam. There is a $93 fee for each test. The test fee will be billed to your tuition account in March. This week students will receive paperwork on how to apply for a fee reduction to reduce the price to $53 per test. Details about pricing, test dates, and test rules can be found by clicking here to see the AP Bulletin on College Board’s website. Feel free to reach out with questions to Mrs. Torres at


Room 109, Lincoln Townsend, Jr., Dean of Culture, 215-465-8437, x.228



White, button down dress shirt (worn with only one button undone at the collar and tucked-in), any t-shirts worn under the white dress shirt are to be white or gray with no writing, school sweater worn at all times, school skort (old skirt permitted for returning Juniors and Seniors), school stockings, school shoes, school headband (plain black or plain white no more than 2.5” wide).


White, button down dress shirt (buttoned at the collar and tucked-in), school tie, any t-shirts worn under the white dress shirt are to be white or gray with no writing, school sweater worn at all times, school pants, school belt, school shoes.

Full Uniform Policy


Please notify Sr. Catherine in Room 109 as far in advance of a college visit as possible. At lease one-week’s notice is preferred.


Denise Arrigale, Tuition Officer 215.465.8437 x 246
The Tuition Office is open every day but Wednesday.


The Archdiocese requires that all balances be current. Students balances cannot be over 90 days past due. The Archdiocese requires us to suspend students who are 90 days past due. Please keep your account current to avoid any disruption in school days. Please make a payment / plan if you are behind!!


Parents of current 9th, 10th and 11th grade students should complete the new 2017-2018 Financial Aid Application at  There are detailed instructions on our website if you need more information. This application must be COMPLETED and VERIFIED by Smart Tuition in order to qualify for any and all financial aid.  Please contact Smart Aid at 800.360.8027 to ensure that your application is final.


Check out to see if you qualify to apply for this scholarship.