Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

We are a Catholic community serving a diverse student population. God enables us to educate through care grounded in faith. Through a rigorous and varied course of study each individual is presented with the necessary tools to succeed as lifelong learners. We provide a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment to prepare our students for college, career, and beyond as conscientious world citizens.

Core Values

We believe that…

COMPASSION commands us to embrace the diversity of our community, treat everyone with respect, and give our full support to those in need

COURAGE enables us to accept the challenge and responsibility to meet the needs of a diverse community in an ever-changing world and gives us the strength to act with patience and forgiveness both towards ourselves and others.

COMMITMENT to the Catholic faith and rigorous academics will lead our students to strengthen their own faith-lives and achieve excellence as lifelong learners.

Profile of Graduates: Saints Neumann Goretti graduates are...

Spiritually grounded:

  • compassionate, courageous, and committed; embodying our core values

  • people of integrity

  • individuals who have come to understand the value of a faith-centered life

Academically prepared:

  • skilled at problem solving and critical thinking
  • empowered with the leadership skills necessary for professional life
  • well rounded in academics, the arts, and related extracurricular pursuits

World citizens:

  • self-motivated to succeed and possessing resiliency
  • committed to excellence in all facets of their lives
  • people who possess respect for themselves, others and God’s creation
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