Alumni, Donors & Friends

Millay Scholars Dinner

Our Millay Club Alumni Association held its annual Millay Scholars Dinner on November 9. Two alumni achievers, Joanne Calabria and John Reisch, were honored along with current top ranking Neumann Goretti students and future 8th grade Saints from our feeder schools.


The Neumann Goretti Alumni Association, known as The Millay Club,  supports the mission of the school in providing an outstanding college preparatory education in a faith-based environment. The Association represents alumni of Southeast Catholic High School, Bishop Neumann High School, St. John Neumann High School, St. Maria Goretti High School and Ss. John Neumann and Maria Goretti High School. Our alumni group is vibrant and active with more than 25,000 graduates.

The long and important history and tradition of Catholic education in this country has made a tremendous difference for millions of young students. The Catholic School Advantage is real, and the most successful Catholic schools are ones that are fortunate to have strong dedication and support of their entire community.


Neumann Goretti Gives Back

During the Summer of 2017, Neumann Goretti students gave back in a big way. In keeping with the Catholic tradition of service, each student at Neumann Goretti volunteered at least 4 hours at local nonprofit organizations over their summer break, resulting in more than 2,100 service hours in three months. Many students were just getting started: Several organized a Neumann Goretti Day of Caring where 15 students showed up to volunteer hours to help get Neumann Goretti ready to open. Projects included, painting the conference room, updating bulletin boards and helping teachers decorate their classrooms.

But it doesn’t end there. More than 70 students signed up for the Neumann Goretti Community Service Corp to contribute to service projects and help the community during the school year. Stay tuned for updates on their monthly projects.

2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

Congratulations to our 2017 Hall of Fame inductees: Anthony Pane ’69, Nikki Sirolli Badessa ’72, Joseph Bologna ’84, Nicholas DelPercio ’91, Jill Henry ’97, Jason Talluto ’97, Stephanie Digneo ’99, and the 1997 SJN Boys Basketball Team. The inductees were honored along with our Senior student-athletes at a banquet hosted by our Millay Club Alumni Association held at the IATSE Ballroom on May 24.

Provide a deserving student the opportunity to acquire an outstanding college preparatory education in a faith-based and caring environment.


Save the Date!
Neumann Goretti Open House: Sunday, October 22, 1-4pm

We hope you’ll join us to tour our school, meet our teachers and hear from our students. Please enter the building through the 11th Street Cafeteria Entrance (under the black and gold awning). Visit us again.

Class of ‘52 Rain Gardens

RainGarden3Neumann Goretti has installed a new, innovative green infrastructure system to manage stormwater on its campus in South Philadelphia. Funded in part through a Stormwater Management Incentive Program (SMIP) grant through Philadelphia Water and Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) and matching funds were contributed by the Class of ‘52, the system will play a role in helping the city improve the water quality of nearby rivers and streams. Stormwater running off portions of the school’s rooftops and sidewalks will flow into the system, which consists of buried “R-tank” chambers (think: high tech milk crates) and gravel covered with soil and plants, where it will be absorbed by the soil. Often referred to as a rain garden, the system will reduce the amount of flow going into nearby combined sewer pipes, while providing a new landscape amenity to accent the school’s 10th street entrance.

Combined sewers carry both stormwater and sewage to wastewater treatment plants. When it rains, these pipes can back up and spill out into local waterways. With the new green infrastructure installation, Neumann Goretti is now playing an active role in helping to solve this program. The project is Phase 1 of what Neumann Goretti hopes will be a comprehensive, long-term program to improve water management on the property through future partnerships with Philadelphia Water and PIDC. The Class of ‘52 Rain Garden was blessed by Father James Dalton and members of the Class of ‘52 on Friday, September 15.

Neumann Goretti Gets a Facelift


The Millay Club donated more than $10,000 toward making Neumann Goretti a more welcoming place. Over the summer, we installed new glass doors and a Welcome Wrap on our 10th Street entrance. We also installed a new “Home of the Saints” Awning over our cafeteria entrance. These upgrades will help alumni, students, families and the community not only find Neumann Goretti, but feel welcomed when you visit. In the works for our open house: wayfinder signs and new office signs. No more wondering where to find the main office or conference room.