Saints Spotlight: Travis Short

Within only the beginning of his second year here at Neumann Goretti, Travis Short has and continues to make a positive impact on those around him by being a perfect model student shown through his unending kindness and ambitious desire to learn. He is an inspiring, humble student and friend towards everyone around him, and only continues proving to be so through his selfless actions, always prioritizing their needs before his own.

Saints’ Pride
Since the beginning of freshman year, Travis has proved to be a nonetheless an excellent student proven through his top overall average in his class, acknowledged by his fellow classmates and teachers. He is an ambitious, determined student who grows and adapts to any situation through his unconditional compassion for others. He’s involved in almost every club at Neumann Goretti, and does extracurricular activities outside of Neumann. Travis’ positivity and dedication influences other students through his examples of kindness, compassion, and determination to succeed in school. Travis Short is a student at Neumann Goretti who will grow and shine beyond the walls of what our school can offer him.

Saints’ are Saying
“Travis has a great personality and is a very hard worker. He really tries to include and make friends with people. He always brings laughter towards others and has a charming disposition.”
              – Ms. Sackawicz, English Teacher

“Travis is all around for what it means to be a saint. He’s an academic achiever who is both personable and approachable, charming everyone around him. He’s very precise, caring, and practical.”
Mrs. Mello, Orchestra and Music Director

“ Travis is an determined overachiever who cares about everyone, enough to show warmth and care.”
Jhoannie Plegaria, Class of 2021

“Travis is an amazing, compassionate person who doesn’t hesitate to prioritize his friends before himself. That itself shows how awesome of a friend he is, and that’s why everyone loves him.”
Chelsea Chiappetta, Class of 2021

“Travis excels in academics and as well as a serving leader in Neumann Goretti. In my class, what makes him unique is his excellent note-taking skill and enthusiastic participation in theology.”
Mr. DeVoe, Theology Teacher

“Travis is a friendly student, who is very welcoming to his classmates. He seems as though a student who would represent NG very well. He’s charismatic, charming everyone around him.”
Ms. Scott, Math Teacher

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