At Neumann Goretti, we recognize that as technology evolves and rapidly changes, so does our faculty’s and student’s teaching and learning preference. We strive to invigorate our lessons with technology to promote student interest, and increase creativity and productivity in the classroom. Technology allows us to diversify our lessons to maximize student learning and accommodate multiple intelligences and various learning styles.

In an effort to prepare our students for a successful postsecondary experience, we help them develop 21st Century technical, analytical, and interpersonal skills through the use of various e-learning tools. Every Neumann Goretti student has access to the Internet, knowledge, and information at their finger tips through their school-issued Chromebook.

Our faculty has reduced the use of pen and paper by distributing and collecting assignments in Google Drive. Each student receives an NGmail account and a PowerSchool account. These resources create an educational hub between students and the web, while providing a safe, collaborative community in which students are engaged, faculty members are inspired, parents are involved, and IT is secure and safe.

While technology is a powerful tool and integration into the classroom is necessary, it can create a precarious environment. We pride ourselves in teaching our students how to use technology responsibly, maximizing their virtual learning experiences.