Congratulations, Christa Ricks! 🎉 Christa will be attending Millersville University. #SNG2021 💬 What are your career aspirations? 🗣 “I am interested in becoming a physical therapist as well as majoring in business. As a student-athlete, I have had injuries and therapy sessions that have sparked my curiosity in the field. I find myself very intrigued with how the body heals and the steps needed to improve overall strength, endurance, and movement. My end goal is to have my own business where I can encourage and be a part of the improvement of athletes’ physical health during rehabilitation.” 💬 What’s the best decision you’ve made while at SNG? 🗣 “The best decision I’ve made was to embrace happiness and keep a positive attitude.” Congrats, Christa! We are very proud of you! 🎓 #GoSaints #SeniorSpotlights


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