Congratulations, Leslie Ventura-Soto! πŸŽ‰ Leslie will be attending Temple University as a Political Science Major. #SNG2021 πŸ’¬ Why did you choose Temple University? πŸ—£ “I chose Temple University because I plan to dedicate my life as an advocate and public servant. I think it only makes sense that I pick a university that represents what I stand for and holds the true essence of the people that make Philadelphia. Especially during this pandemic, we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. This has shown me the work that needs to be done, and I believe Temple University will offer me the tools I’ll need to be of assistance to the community.” πŸ’¬ What are your career aspirations? πŸ—£ “My goal is to become a lawyer. Although I’m not sure which type of law I want to practice, I plan on dedicating myself to the people of Philadelphia.” πŸ’¬ Tell us about a person who has made a lasting impact on your time at SNG. πŸ—£ “Easy, Dr. Deans! Her teaching not only broke down barriers I had put between myself and God, it also prepared me for the next stage in my life. Her teaching also served as a wake-up call that the world isn’t always nice, but it’s up to us if we let that break us.” Congrats, Leslie! We are very proud of you! πŸŽ“ #GoSaints #SeniorSpotlights