Post-Grad Spotlight: Annalisa McDonald

Soo Lee ’20 interviewed Annalisa McDonald, who graduated with the class of 2018. Learn more about Annalisa and how Saints Neumann Goretti has prepared her for her future.

Q : Where do you go to school? 
A : Drexel University 

Q : What are you studying? What is your major? 
A : Biological Sciences, Pre-Med

Q : What are you doing now? 
A : Right now I’m studying Molecular Bio, and general chemistry. I am also preparing for my first co-op which will be next fall. I’m working on building my résumé by participating in different clubs, and research projects. 

Q : How has Neumann Goretti prepared you? 
A : Neumann-Goretti has prepared me to familiarize myself with people from different backgrounds, making it easier to collaborate with different people on different projects.

Q : What is something you miss about Neumann Goretti? 
A : I miss the familiar atmosphere!

Q : Is there any advice you have for current students at Neumann Goretti?
A : My advice is to understand your surroundings, absorb and appreciate them while not being afraid to try new things. Gain as much experience with things outside of your comfort zone as you can but don’t forget to appreciate the things that make you, you.

Q : What are your plans after college?
A : I plan to go to graduate school to become a pediatric oncologist at CHOP.


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