Profile February 2018

Welcome to the Saints Spotlight, where each month we feature one student and one faculty member who exemplify Neumann Goretti’s core values of courage, compassion and commitment. We hope you enjoy getting to know our school family.

Shannon Busey ’21

BusseyBy Mia Messina, Class of 2021
In the short few months Shannon Bussey has been in Neumann Goretti he has managed to make a large impact on the people around him and on the school environment. He is encouraging and humble, and his kindness is made known to everyone he meets.

Saints Pride
Shannon is a point guard for the Freshmen Basketball team. “I love NG because of the friendly spirited people, and the challenging classes, with hard working teachers,” says Shannon. “It creates such successful students, and is always helping its students to evolve and grow. Everything from the environment being created to the lessons being taught makes it a great school.”

Saints are Saying
“From the start, Shannon was a kid who never bragged about his outstanding academic achievements. He was, and still is, a best friend who I can rely on.” ~ Joseph Trolio, Class of 2021

“Shannon is a great person and teammate. He is a person who will always encourage you to go above and beyond your limits. He will never put you down, and will always lift you up, and motivate you to be the best you can be.” ~ Kabbi Kanu, Class of 2021

“Shannon is a very hard worker, with a lot of passion for everything he does. He doesn’t brag, and he looks to encourage others no matter the circumstance.” ~ Isaiah Thomas, Class of 2021

“Shannon is responsible, kindhearted, and committed to his studies.  He’s a good influence on his classmates.  His positive attitude brightens my day and I’m honored to be his teacher.” ~ Mrs.Rossi, Spanish and Italian teacher

Mr. Diehl, English Teacher

DiehlBy Jalen Hollerway, Class of 2018
Mr. Diehl is the epitome of a young high school student’s favorite teacher, not because of his youth, but because of his approach to teaching and making an impact on the students. Mr. Diehl strives to not only teach his students, but to help mold and shape them into a young adults as his past teachers did for him. The students he teaches love him for his outgoing personality and how much he cares for not only his own students but every student. Mr. Diehl does not only teach his students English, he teaches them how to be good and kind people.

Saints Pride
Mr. Diehl is earning his master’s degree at Saint Joseph’s University and participates in a program called ACE (The Alliance of Catholic Education). The program helps college students who want to pursue teaching to get jobs in Catholic education. Mr. Diehl teaches English 4 and College Writing, and is the moderator for the Community Service Corps. “I wanted to teach because I had teachers in my life that impacted my by just being there,” says Mr. Diehl.

Saints are Saying
“Mr. Diehl is a very inspiring and motivating teacher. He cares for every single one of his students and will never let someone leave his class upset.” ~ Julia Kinney, Class of 2018

“Mr. Diehl is a great teacher and always helps when I need him most. I just feel like he’s one of the best teachers because he relates to me the most.” ~ Kharon Lloyd, Class of 2018

“Mr. Diehl has shown so much growth as a teacher during his time here as a graduate student and he is a great fit for our school community.” ~ Mr. Quigley, Principal