For the next few weeks, we’ll be spotlighting members of our incoming Class of 2025! We are so excited to welcome this talented, diverse, and enthusiastic group of students to the Saints community. Today, we welcome Allison Vargas of St. Anthony of Padua Regional Catholic School to the Class of 2025! 💬 What activities are you involved in at your current school? 🗣 “I’m extremely proud of playing volleyball and cheerleading at St. Anthony of Padua. I’m also proud of all the honors I’ve received during my time at St. Anthony of Padua. ” 💬 What are you looking forward to at SNG? 🗣 “Something I’m really looking forward is having a strong bond with both classmates and teachers. I’m really looking forward to joining volleyball, cheerleading, and being in the orchestra band.” 💬 Why did you choose SNG? 🗣 “I choose SNG because when I went to the 7th grade visitation day I saw how close the students and teachers were. I’m extremely excited about meeting new people and becoming a successful person.” Welcome to SNG, Allison! We’re thrilled you’ve chosen to be a Saint!

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