For the next few weeks, we’ll be spotlighting members of our incoming Class of 2025! We are so excited to welcome this talented, diverse, and enthusiastic group of students to the Saints community. Today, we welcome Talia Santosusso of St. Pio School to the Class of 2025! 💬 What activities are you involved in at your current school? 🗣 “Activities that I have been involved in at my current school include: yearbook, student council, liturgy committee, volleyball, basketball, academic bowl, science clubs, altar serving and plays. I have also been an honors student through my years at St. Pio. I’m going to continue this academic goal at Ss. Neumann Goretti as well. ” 💬 What are you looking forward to at SNG? 🗣 “I’m looking forward to the cheerleading team at SNG. My sister has been on the cheerleading team during all her years at SNG. I’ve seen how much of a family they are and how exciting it is to be part of the team. I’m hoping to also be able to join the cheerleading family at SNG.” 💬 Why did you choose SNG? 🗣 “I chose SNG because I have loved the school since 7th Grade Visitation Day. SNG has always been friendly at all of their visits to my school and so welcoming at the Open House and Visitation Day. I’m beyond excited to be attending SNG next year.” Welcome to SNG, Talia! We’re thrilled you’ve chosen to be a Saint!


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