It’s #TeacherTuesday! Join us each week as we shine the #TeacherTuesday Spotlight on one of our talented SNG faculty and staff members! Today we recognize a member of our English department, Ms. DiBenedetto. Ms. DiBenedetto earned her BA from Penn State University and her Masters in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. She joined the Saints family in the fall of 2019. In addition to teaching English 1, English 3, and Marketing, Ms. DiBenedetto is also the faculty lead for our new learning management platform, Schoology. She spent the summer attending Schoology trainings and learning about the system, and now supports our teachers in utilizing Schoology in both their virtual and in-person classrooms. 💬 We asked Ms. DiBenedetto, “What is your favorite thing about SNG students?” 🧑‍🏫 Her response: “My favorite thing about SNG students are their personalities. Knowing that they will come to school with something to tell me, share with me, or add to the lesson pretty much makes my job the best! Nothing beats the excitement of a student wanting to share something with their teachers that reminded them of a reading or lesson we did in class.” Thank you, Ms. DiBenedetto! Forever a Saint!

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