It’s #TeacherTuesday, where each week we spotlight a member of our outstanding faculty and staff! Today’s spotlight shines on Ms. Padgett from our Science Department. After receiving her bachelors degree in Biology from Norfolk State University, Ms. Padgett joined SNG as a substitute teacher. She then joined our faculty as a full-time Science teacher, and now heads our Science Department. Ms. Padgett has taught a variety of Science courses at SNG, including Physics First, Biology 1 & 2, and AP Biology. Ms. Padgett also moderates our Cultural Diversity and Dance Clubs. We are proud of the path Ms. Padgett has taken to be a leader in the Saints community and look forward to seeing her continued contributions! 💬 We asked Ms. Padgett “What is something people would be surprised to know about you?” 👩‍🏫 She told us “Something people may be surprised to know is that when I was in college I said I would never be a teacher because it seems like a boring job. Clearly, I was very wrong!” 💬 We also asked Ms. Padgett “What is your favorite lesson to teach?” 👩‍🏫 She told us “My favorite lesson to teach is enzyme-catalyzed reactions in biology. To apply our knowledge of the lesson we take pieces of liver which contain an enzyme called catalase and watch it react with hydrogen peroxide in a range of conditions. It’s always such a fun lab because the kids get a bit grossed out but always end up enjoying watching the different reactions.”


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