Profile January 2018

Neumann Goretti is on the rise and so are our students: we are introducing new ideas, displaying a thrilled spark of learning, and expanding our horizons. Our students are devoted to change, as we introduce another great thing to add to our growth. “Student Spotlight”- a monthly recognition of a student who exemplifies what Neumann Goretti is all about: Compassion, Courage, and Commitment.

Angelina Davis ’20

By Julia Kinney ’18
This month we are proud to announce someone who is more to Neumann Goretti than a student, Angelina Davis. Since the beginning of her freshman year, Davis has become a star of her class; she is a determined person that grows alongside with her school by approaching change and constant involvement. Her qualities are recognized by her many peers and teachers describing her as: positive, energetic, determined, and hardworking. “Angelina’s motivation is matched only by the tremendous amount of compassion that she exudes on a daily basis.” says Mr. Diehl. Ms. Doran, her student council moderator, also exclaims, “She is a sweetheart, very dependable. I love her, and can always count on her to give up her lunch with her friends to work our student council sales.”

Davis takes part in many clubs where she grows socially, truly becoming a full rounded student like many others at Neumann Goretti. She is part of our cheerleading team, where she is found at every sporting event dedicating her time to cheer amongst a close group of girls. Cheer member Lauren Colantuono adds, “She is the most positive, caring, and dedicated person I know, always there for those around her.” In the 2016-2017 school year, Davis ran for student council where she was elected Vice President of her class, truly showing how much trust and respect her classmates have for her. One classmate as well as a friend Sarah Perkins says, “Angelina is truly a great friend, never failing to bring me up whenever I am down.” Her words speaks for many in her class, especially those who voted for her to  represent their school. One great friend of her, Joseph Mastrobuoni says, “Angelina Davis is one of the most amazing girls I have ever met. She is always is able to put a smile on my face no matter what mood I may be in. She brightens up a room whenever she walks through the door. She is capable to do anything she wants to do with her life through not only her brain but her outgoing personality. She puts her own problems to the side to help others with theirs and is a that friend that will always be there for you no matter what, someone you don’t want to lose. I have only known her for about four months but it feels like I have known her my whole life.”

Davis, while she does hold tremendous character, she also excels academically, challenging herself by taking honors classes and receiving first honors, as a result of her hard work. Angelina Davis is truly a great asset to Neumann Goretti and represents what our school is about. As shown through the great words from her peers,  Davis truly makes her mark on people, becoming a great asset and role model for our community. She is compassionate with her peers, courageous with trying new challenges and activities, and committed to doing well in school. She will continue to grow greater even beyond the walls of Neumann Goretti.

Ms. Brittany Parker

By Eliza Brooks ’18
“College is not going to be like those memes you see on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It’s not as easy as it is portrayed. It’s real life and I’m trying to prepare all of you for that,” said Ms. Parker.

Ms. Parker, one of the most notable teachers of Saints Neumann Goretti, graduated from Norfolk State University with a degree in Biology. Ms. Parker started her Neumann Goretti journey in 2016, having to the fill big shoes of Mr. D’Orazio, a Neumann-Goretti legend in both academics and karate. She did just that, leaving a huge impression on our school community. Parker has two goals she sets to reach for each class: 1) a class that pays attention 2) an active student body.

As a student of Ms. Parker, I can confidently say that in her classes there is never a dull moment. Ms. Parker engages us in captivating lessons and encourages us to have a conversation with her and our peers during class. Sherisse Peterson a freshman in Mrs.Parker’s physics first class cheerfully said “I like that she makes sure that we understand what she is talking about before we move on in our lessons and I also enjoy that she tries to make class fun for all of us.” While Kamil Jihad who is in Ms.Parker’s Biology II class agreed in saying “Ms.Parker’s class always keeps me engaged, and the lessons are very creative and challenging.” This is what makes Ms. Parker unique: she is a young teacher with bright ideas and distinct skills. Her youthfulness leaves her open to new ideas that students want to see in the classroom; she is not closed minded to ideas that sharpen her teaching or grasp our attention. Ms.Parker does not only teach us biology and physics but she also educates us on lessons that we will use for the rest of our life. We explore topics in her class such as how to present in a professional and academic setting, effective study skills, and time management.

Outside of the classroom, Ms. Parker is also the moderator of two clubs: Cultural Diversity Club and Dance Club. Cultural Diversity was created for our school community to celebrate the different ethnicities in Neumann Goretti. This club gives students opportunities to gain insight on their peers’ cultures. It also broadens minds to learn about the discrimination minorities face, as well as developing a sense of diversity. This helps individuals grasp the concept that there is more than what is in “your own bubble”. Cultural Diversity brings different views and people together while forming new friendships. While, Dance Club was created to showcase people’s talents and abilities through dancing. Ms.Parker teaches students different types of dances such as hip hop, african dancing and other styles while expressing the importance of rhythm and focus.

A large majority of students and other teachers that were asked about Ms.Parker had positive comments about her as a person and a teacher. Ms. Parker is one of the teachers in the building that students can go to for guidance and engagement in school assistants. “She is definitely loved by all of the students because of her enthusiasm, passion, love and energy she shows in every class, club and moment of each day” anonymous quote from a member of the school community. Saints Neumann & Goretti is very grateful to have Ms. Parker as part of such a great faculty team of our school and we all thank her for the dedication she has shown and continues to show each day.