La Salle University’s Summer Scholars Program

Over the summer, D’Onna Evans attended La Salle University’s Summer Scholars Program. While in this program, she participated in many creative writing exercises. When asked why she volunteered to participate in this program, she responded, “Well, when I am writing, I feel like I’m creating a world that others do not understand.” While in the program, she expressed pleasure with having her assignments critique. From the positive criticism, she learned from her mistakes, and became a better writer.” Ms. Evans spoke enthusiastically about the program and insisted that she worked to her fullest potential, which challenged her writing skills. Furthermore, she stated, “ The hardest part about the summer program was creating efficient work, to impress others, and myself.” Later she explained that the program introduced new writing styles that will enable her to write passionate college essays. Miss Evans happily recommended that any lover of writing to get out of his/her comfort zone, and partake in La Salle University’s Summer Scholars Program.

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