Protect Your Kids Online with TrueCare Social Media Protection

Social media sites have taken parental concerns to a whole new level, with cyberbullying, online predators, and damaged reputations. TrueCare gives parents an awareness of potentially dangerous behavior so they can address it before it becomes a serious problem.

  • TrueCare is not spyware. You never need to ask for your children’s passwords.
  • Monitors dangerous activity using a 2,500+ keyword database, including “chat lingo.”
  • Sends real-time alerts related to messages, photos, and new online “friends.”
  • Includes educational tools, guides, and videos to help parents address online threats.

Ss. Neumann and Goretti parents can take advantage of a RISK FREE TRIAL plus a 30% DISCOUNT.  To activate your FREE TRIAL of TrueCare social media monitoring, go to For more information about TrueCare, including a tutorial and step-by-step guide, click the link below.

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