Lunch Information

Introduction Letter from Aramark Food Services Director

August 15, 2023

Dear Parents & Student(s),

I hope that you’re enjoying your summer with friends and family. As the 2023-24 school year is quickly approaching, we would like to welcome students back to a new and dynamic year of student nutrition. We will be introducing new chef driven items, recipes, and improved selections to create the variety you’ve come to expect from Aramark. Along with offering a more comprehensive and inclusive menus we will be offering internet surveys throughout the year to solicit feedback for improvement and better service.

Students will use their assigned Power School Student ID Number for their personal identification number (PIN) to access their account. Pin numbers are used for all transactions including cash sales. PaySchools Central not only allows you to pay for meals through an easy-to-use online portal (, you can also use a convenient mobile app, for on the go use and management of your student’s lunch account! 

Creating a PaySchools Central account is easy, quick and free! See details below.

If you choose to make advanced payments through the Pay Schools Central site, an Internet Convenience Fee (ICF) of 4.75% will be listed separately for each Credit/Debit Card transaction made. There is a $1.95 flat fee for transactions made using electronic checks (ACH). The transaction fee is only charged when/if you use Pay Schools Central to make payments to your student’s account. There is NO CHARGE for using Pay Schools Central to obtain balance records, view purchase history, or to sign up for the service. 

ARAMARK is the cafeteria provider for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia High Schools. All questions regarding the POS system can be directed to the Aramark Cafeteria Manager at your school. Balances for returning students will be carried over to the next school year. We highly recommend that you monitor the account balance as the school year comes to a close, to minimize the amount of money that is carried over or any auto replenish of funds. Monies may also be transferred to siblings or if your child transfers to another Archdiocesan High School.

Any questions or concerns you have with setting up accounts should be directed to the Pay Schools customer service at 1-877-393-6628. 

Thank you and we look forward to serving you this school year. Food Service Director – ARAMARK


Quick Guide to set up a Payschool Central Account

  1. Set up the initial account from a laptop or desktop computer. Initial setup of the account cannot be done from an ipad or phone.
  2. Go to PaySchools Central website
  3. Log on to account
  4. Click on User
  5. Click on Manage Students/Patrons
  6. Click on Add Student/Patron
  7. Enter State (Pennsylvania)
  8. Enter School District (Archdiocese of Philadelphia)
  9. Enter ID (student id#), First Name and Last Name