Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Morgan

In an effort to help the Juniors Mr. Morgan stays after school to teach Algebra 2.  Allyson Nelson, one of his students, stated “Mr. Morgan is a very nice teacher who is very considerate.  In addition, he makes sure you understand all of the information he is going over before he moves on to a new topic.”  Troy Young who was eager to comment on Mr. Morgan said “He is a very nice teacher who takes time to care for his students and prepare us for the future.”  Troy says that this quality is what he likes most about Mr. Morgan. Finally, Amelia Trepts politely stated “He is a great teacher who is always there when you need to talk to him.” Amelia also stated that Mr. Morgan was a beautiful singer. On January 30th at the Student Jam Session many of Mr. Morgan’s students were surprised to learn that not only can he teach but he could sing!  All of Mr. Morgan’s students who were interviewed agreed that yes, he is a soulful singer and he is also compassionate and cares for all of his students.

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