Thank you to SNG – Samantha Mulvihill ’18

Written by: Noelle Minniti ’22

Samantha Mulvihill is a Hospitality Management major studying in the school of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality at Temple University. She is currently involved in Temple University’s American Marketing Association (AMA). She also works at her dancing school on Fridays and Saturdays. She is a singer with a song out on iTunes and another one on its way in early November. We asked her how Neumann Goretti has prepared her for college…

“SNG prepared me for college in so many ways. Without the help from all my teachers and the staff there I would not be sitting in my dream school. Mrs. Hilk is one of the main reasons why I am here because even at my low points she never let me fall because she knew how much Temple University meant to me.

Without Neumann Goretti, I would not be the person I am today. Dr. Deans is another person I owe my success to. She drilled into her student’s heads about how college is so much different – and she was right! It is nothing like high school. It’s challenging and making me reach new limits in my work and I am so thankful for her!

All my English teachers who taught me so many things about my writing… Without them I would not have tested out of basic college English but instead, I moved right into a whole new level of English, so thank you to the English staff over there!

To my business teacher Mr. Cassidy who helped me fall more in love with business and all the features that are involved with it, thank you because I am a step ahead of the game already knowing the basics of Marketing and Personal Finance!

Also, to the best Spanish teacher there is, Mrs. Andeliz for helping me get an advantage in the business world. By this I mean it is helpful that I have the general basics of Spanish and can understand and converse with people.

There are too many people I owe my thanks to over there! Neumann Goretti is the best place for you to be, to start your future, to make new friends, and to make tons of memories! Without SNG I would not be the person I am today!”