Throughout the summer, we’ll be spotlighting members of our incoming Class of 2025! We are so excited to welcome this talented, diverse, and enthusiastic group of students to the Saints community. Today we welcome Victoria Tran of St. Monica to the Class 2025! 💬 What activities are you involved in at your current school? 🗣 “During my 7th grade year, I was a part of my school’s National Junior Honors Society. I did Reading Olympics for a few years before becoming a co-coach to help the new teacher to take over the program. This year, I helped with the poinsettia sales to raise money for my class, as well.” 💬 What are you looking forward to at SNG? 🗣 “I’m looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends. I’m particularly excited about a cooking club I’ve heard about at SNG, because I really want to learn how to cook properly. ” 💬 Why did you choose SNG? 🗣 “I chose SNG because the admissions counselor who spoke to my class was really nice and talked in-depth about what it meant to go to SNG. It was really refreshing and fun to learn more about the school.” Welcome to SNG, Victoria! We’re thrilled you’ve chosen to be a Saint!