Club Highlight: Debate Team

Recently, the debate club has been working on the Lincoln Douglas debate style, to prepare them for competition.  Throughout the meetings, students choose a specific topic to debate with one another. So far, students have debated on mass incarceration, gender stereotypes, the second amendment, America’s allies, and feminism.  Marvin Cooper stated, “ I enjoy debate because I get to make my claims, and other members can express their opinions.” He also said “ the conversations about world topics, and politics” are two reasons why he comes back every week.  Layla McFarland enjoys the club because she can express herself, and her beliefs. She stated, “I can talk about issues that impact the African American community, and educate others on our history.” The club moderator, Dr. Kowalski said, “ I love to see the students talk about today’s issues, current events, and politics.”  

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