Saints Spotlight: NyJae Martin ’19

NyJae Martin ’19 is a lover of writing, people, and school.  She looks forward to her senior prom, and graduation. Miss Martin believes her English classes at SNG will prepare her the most for her life after high school.  NyJae stated, “ Writing is apart of all aspects of life, no matter what you do, you are going to write when you get older, and I feel that my writing teachers have really prepared me.”  

When asked what she would always remember she affirmed she would always remember the people at SNG. I then asked her what exactly she would tell her freshmen self, she expressed, “I would tell my freshman self to focus on your grades, and make the best of high school because it goes by rather quickly.”

The message NyJae has for all freshmen is “make the most of it, high school is what you make it, do not rush it.”

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