Ss. Neumann Goretti introduces our new recurring giving program, AngelsforSaints, to provide ongoing tuition assistance to support our students.

It’s a unique way for our dedicated alumni & patrons (Angels) to spread their wings (giving) by becoming recurring donors to shower their generosity (place a halo) on Neumann Goretti’s students (Saints)!

During this pandemic, our families are still struggling with job security and the uncertainty of providing the money needed for Neumann Goretti’s tuition. Our #1 priority remains tuition assistance, and AngelsforSaints is a positive way you can join this important effort to spread your love, and your giving, throughout the year.


Sign up Instructions:

It’s very easy to sign up! Click here for the signup form.

Under Recurring Frequency, choose Monthly or Quarterly in the drop-down menu and choose your Charge Start Date. That’s it! Your credit/debit card will be automatically charged according to your frequency choice and our student Saints will receive your ongoing support.

Each AngelsforSaints member will receive a special token of our appreciation and will be remembered at all Neumann Goretti school Masses and prayer services throughout the year.

The minimum monthly gift is $10. You can consider a signature monthly gift, like $19.34 for the year Southeast Catholic came into being. Or, $19.55 for the 1st year of St. Maria Goretti and St. John Neumann High Schools. How about a monthly amount equal to your graduating year ($19.55, $19.79, $20.02, etc.)?


Now, you can spread your wings and love and become an AngelsforSaints recurring giving member. All funds realized will be used for tuition assistance for our students. Thank you for your help!


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