Due to the current weather conditions and the continued forecast for snow, the Archdiocesan City High Schools, which includes Neumann-Goretti, will be all-virtual for all students on Friday, 2/19. Classes will be 30 minutes per the schedule below. Students will log-in live to all of their classes by Zoom through Schoology.

A reminder of the expectations for students whenever they are on a live virtual-day: Students must log-in live for all-classes, be present on-camera with their full face visible the entire class, working in a naturally well-lit room, sitting up straight with a flat work surface, participating as required by their teachers, and wearing the school polo. Thank you to all of our students who already are meeting these expectations on a daily basis.

Period 1 7:50 AM 8:25 AM five extra minutes for prayer, pledge, and announcements; Zoom link to be sent separately by Father Dalton
Period 2 8:33 AM 9:03 AM
Period 3 9:11 AM 9:41 AM
Period 4 9:49 AM 10:19 AM
Period 5 10:27 AM 10:57 AM
Period 6 11:05 PM 11:35 PM
Period 7 11:43 PM 12:13 PM
Period 8 12:21 PM 12:51 PM

Looking Ahead

  • Monday, 2/22 – A Day
  • Tuesday, 2/23 – B Day
  • Wednesday, 2/24 – A Day
  • Thursday, 2/25 – B Day 
  • Friday, 2/26 – A Day
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