Submit your application today to become a Priority Applicant for our Class of 2028

Parents must submit & complete student applications through the SNG Parent Portal.

The Class of 2028’s Application for the 2024-2025 school year is now OPEN! 

Please visit the SNG Applicant Portal to begin your application.

Required Next Steps After Applying:

After you submit your application, you will be required to complete the following tasks on the SNG Applicant Portal

  1. Please upload to the portal: 
    1. Final 7th grade report card
    2. Most recent 8th grade report card (when it becomes available) 
    3. Most recent standardized test scores (Terra Nova, PSSA, MAP, etc.)
    4. Disciplinary History (If applicable) (7th & 8th Grade)
    5. Attendance Records (7th & 8th Grade)

Register for and complete a merit scholarship/placement exam (We will be offering the exam at SNG in the fall – If your current school, as listed on your application, will be hosting an exam, you do not need to register for an exam date). The entrance exam does not have to be completed at SNG – you may take it at a different location and select SNG to receive your scores.

Priority Applicant Deadlines & Decision Days:

SNG will have one Priority Applicant Deadline for the Class of 2028. Applicants who have completed ALL required application steps listed in the SNG applicant portal by the Priority Applicant Deadline will be reviewed for Priority Decision. Please note the important dates below: 

  • Students who complete all applicant checklist items by Tuesday, October 31, 2023 will receive notice about their application status before the Thanksgiving holiday. 
  • Applicants who complete their application after October 31 will be reviewed and notified about their application status on a rolling basis. 

Students will receive notification via email about their decisions and/or next steps if any are required. Families are able to register immediately upon receiving their student’s acceptance to SS. Neumann-Goretti.

Once our Class of 2028 reaches maximum capacity, we will begin accepting students to a waitlist – so it is to a student’s benefit to apply and register early!

Students interested in transferring to Ss. Neumann Goretti High School

At Ss. John Neumann and Maria Goretti High School (SNG) we welcome students who are interested in joining our school community for the remainder of their high school career. All applicants who wish to transfer to SNG must submit the items below using the SNG Applicant Portal.

SNG has an Admissions Committee that will review and evaluate all applicants.  If you are transferring mid-year please include a copy of your most up to date school records from the school year, with all other required documents. These documents include: Attendance, Discipline, Standardized Test Scores and Individualized Education Plan (if applicable).

A student who is interested in transferring to SNG for the next academic year can submit their required materials at any time during the school year.  However, admission decisions are not made until a copy of the students third quarter transcripts are received by the SNG.


Required items for the transfer application 

Students who have attended more than one high school must submit items below from each school the student has attended.

  1. Completed application
  2. Transcripts from all years of high school
    • Students applying for a mid-year transfer into 9th grade must also submit their final 8th grade report card.
  3. Attendance records from each high school the student has attended.
  4. Discipline Records from each high school the student has attended
  5. Recommendation form from a teacher in the current school year (applicants must send a request to their teacher using the request form in their admissions portal.)


Following submission of the documents listed above

Once all information is received via the admissions portal, the Admissions Committee will contact your High School Principal for a recommendation. A student will also be contacted by a member of the Admissions Committee to have an in-person interview. The Admissions Committee will review the student’s documents and will base their decision on the “whole” student:  academics, class rank, attendance, discipline, faculty and Principal recommendations. Please note SNG reserves the right to make any admissions decisions to ensure that students entering the SNG community are going to be academically, socially, and spiritually successful. Additionally, all acceptances that are made for entering an upcoming school year are contingent upon the successful completion of your most recent academic year, as demonstrated by acceptable attendance, discipline records, and all academic marks higher than the passing average of an SNG student.


Please note the following:

SNG does not accept any student that has repeated Sophomore, Junior, or Senior year.

Any transfer student accepted by SNG during the months of July and later will be required to pay $2000 deposit.

12th grade admission is only considered with an extreme extenuating circumstance such as a move from a distant state. Financial Aid consideration for any 12th grade transfer student is prohibited by SNG.  Payment in full is expected by the end of the first quarter grades.

Seventh grade is the perfect time to start the high school admissions process! We encourage current 7th graders to get to know SNG  this year, in preparation for their applications next year. Some opportunities available for 7th graders include our Open House, 7th grade Visitation Day, and Shadow a Saint Days.

7th Grade Visitation Day – Thursday, March 21, 2024 

We invite future members of the Class of 2028 to spend a day as an SNG Saint at 7th Grade Visitation Day on March 21, 2024! You’ll attend special classes with our teachers, enjoy a presentation from our orchestra, spend time learning about life as a Saint from our SNG Ambassadors, and experience plenty of Saints spirit!

You can register here.


Shadow a Saint Days – ongoing throughout the school year 

Experience life as a Saint and shadow a current Ss. Neumann Goretti student!
Ongoing throughout Spring 2024

Please contact [email protected] to schedule a shadow day – One week notice is required in advance.

Tuesday Tours

Interested in doing a walkthrough of Ss. Neumann Goretti? Join us at 3 pm on Tuesday afternoons for a family tour given by one of our student Ambassadors, and a Q&A to go over admissions related information!

Space is limited and subject to availability. Please contact [email protected] to schedule an appointment – One weeks notice is required in advance.

SNG is proud to welcome students from outside of the United States. International students who wish to apply to SNG should contact the Enrollment Office for more information on how to apply:

Anastasia Korbal, Director of Enrollment Management
[email protected]

SNG considers for admission students who are in good standing in academics, conduct, and attendance at their current school. Students who have failed a course in the most recent school year, or have been referred for summer school or credit recovery will not be considered for admission. 

SNG does not allow students to repeat or reclassify grade levels. Students who were involved in a serious disciplinary incident that resulted in suspension or expulsion from another school will not be considered for admission.

SNG will notify students by email of their admissions decision, as well as academic scholarship awards. Students who have submitted a completed FACTS Financial Aid Application will also be notified of their eligibility for tuition assistance. Financial need does not impact admissions decisions.

In order to register for the upcoming school year, accepted students must complete the Enrollment Form in the Applicant Portal checklist, and submit a $200 registration fee.

[email protected]
215-465-8437 x 229

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